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24 June 2016, TTU Gott Observatory observation report

Observers: Scott Harris – Celestron NexStar 8 Gary Leiker – Edge C8 on AVX Collin Smith – 4” ED F/7 refractor When I arrived a few minutes before 10 PM, Gary and Scott were getting finalized on setup, with Scott about finished. I jumped into action. The wind was quite strong, stronger than I’d liked, […]

Tech Terrace Park, 17-June-2016

Telescopes: 8” Celestron SCT       Gary Leiker 10” F/5.56 dob          Mark Smith 4” F/7 ED doublet    Collin Smith   I arrived at 9:45 PM, which was a little later than I’d written for the invitation (9:15-9:30), but still early enough to encounter a good deal of twilight and still […]