Observation Report — Sunday, 07-15-2017

Observation Report Sunday night, July 15th, 2017

Mark Smith with 10” F/5.56 Newtonian
Richard Craig with 102 Maksutov
Steve Maas, binoculars
Your Humble Narrator, GSO 8” Dob

We dodged clouds, principally in the south, all night. We caught the gibbous Venus & beautiful Crescent Moon early, but quickly turned our attention to Jupiter. Io created a transit near the Jovian lower right limb, the moon itself hidden in the Jovian clouds in the foreground. Europa was off to the left (in Mark & my Newtonians, to the right in Richard’s Mak)
Ganymede much further out off to the right, while Callisto was farther still, far away to the right

Saturn, big band across his center, with the Cassini Division very clear, while the shadow the globe cast against the back portion of the rings demonstrated the 3-D effect of visual viewing so hard to replicate in photography.

We saw …
Albireo (β Cygni) — beautiful, colorful double
Izar (ε Boötis) — also beautiful, but tight, double (white-yellow primary, blue secondary)
A fruitless search for NGC 6826, Blinking Planetary Nebula
Coathangar asterism (Brocchi’s Cluster, Cr 399), nice is the finder scope, too big for my dob
M51/NGC 5195 (somewhat disappointing this night)
M81/82 (no NGC 3077)
Hershel’s Garnet Star, μ Cep (mostly orange-ish to us)
M22 in Sagittarius (great gobular!)
M17 Swan Nebula in Sagittarius
M16 Eagle Nebula (Open Cluster), in Serpens
M8 Lagoon Nebula in Sagittarius
M20 Trifid Nebula inSagittarius
M57 (as Steve was leaving) in Lyra
Cor Coroli, α CVn — pretty double
M3 in Canes Venatici

We returned to Jupiter, noting Io’s transit progression across the Jovian surface, right-to-left, with the emerging of the moon proper from Jove’s left side (Newtonian perspective, of course).

Saving the worst for last, though typical of the clouds we dodged, a light sprinkling fell as I put up my dobsonian at about 1:30 in the morning. A nice evening under the stars.

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