Friday night, April 12th, 2019

This Friday night, April 12th, is the First Quarter Friday of April. We will be at Tech Terrace Park if the weather’s okay, but to be honest, the forecast is presently calling for rain. If the skies are overcast, we will not meet at Tech Terrace Park.

But if they’re overcast, there are two other astronomy events going on Friday night. First is Astronight at the Texas Tech Science building, from 8 PM to 10 PM. The second is the PBS special commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo mission to the moon at 9:30 PM on KTTZ Channel 5 Chasing the Moon.

With any luck, we’ll be looking at the stars at Tech Terrace Park, but if the weatherman is right, hope to see at Astronight, and hopefully you can watch the PBS special on TV.

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