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StarLog Observing Report – 4/21/15 – A Sea of Crises

The last couple of nights, I have been teased with a thin Moon and clear skies, but bad winds. Tonight the sky was still mostly clear, but the winds had died down considerably, so I decided to get in a bit of observing while I could. Venus and the thin crescent Moon were near each […]

March Madness

After being socked in by clouds for the last week (without seeing much of the needed rain), the Sunday sky cleared and a group of six of us showed up at the Gott Observatory to give our photon-deprived brains a good healthy dose of starlight. As I arrived, a visiting farm dog came by to […]

The King’s Ball

Tonight was clear and unseasonably warm. And with the Moon not scheduled to arrive until after 10pm, it looked to be a promising night for observing. A group from the SPAC decided to meet out at the Gott Observatory to take advantage. Most of the evening was spent going from favorite to favorite, comparing the […]

Goodies at the Gott

As Snoopy might write, “it was a dark and starry night.” And I would add chilly. Last night, we had 11 people braving the cool weather to come out to the Gott Observatory at different times during the night. We had some regular observers: Tom C, Jerry, Gary, Scott, Mark, and Collin, as well as […]

South Plains Star Party at the Gott

  The Moon, Saturn (center) and Mars (lower-left of Saturn) shine brightly over Gott Observatory.     Last night’s star party at the Gott was a wonderful evening under the sky.  Even with a crescent Moon, the band of the Milky Way could be seen stretching all the way from Scorpius to Cassiopeia.  And dark […]

Astronomy.com’s free Moon ebook

Astronomy magazine is offering a free short ebook about observing the Moon in various phases, with descriptions of the best features during the various phases.  The photo maps list the large features visible to the naked eye, binoculars, and small telescopes. http://www.astronomy.com/rapid/2014/01/your-guide-to-the-moon

Observing summary June 2014

Space.com has a very nice summary of June’s astronomical events: June 3, 2:08–3:44 p.m. EDT Triple shadow transit on Jupiter June 10, dusk. The Moon will pass just south of the planet Saturn. June 21, 6:51 a.m. EDT Solstice June 24, dawn, The slender crescent moon will pass just below the planet Venus. Jun 27, New […]