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September meeting

Tonight is the September meeting at St John’s UMC at 15th and University. Tom Heisey will give a 3rd presentation on the New Horizon’s mission. On Labor Day, the mission started sending high resolution, uncompressed images of the close encounter with Pluto. The probe was very busy in the two or three days it flew […]

South Plains Star Party at the Gott

  The Moon, Saturn (center) and Mars (lower-left of Saturn) shine brightly over Gott Observatory.     Last night’s star party at the Gott was a wonderful evening under the sky.  Even with a crescent Moon, the band of the Milky Way could be seen stretching all the way from Scorpius to Cassiopeia.  And dark […]

Saturn and Mars tip The Scales

  Tonight, Saturn (above) and Mars (below) made beautiful naked-eye targets in the southern sky as they meander through the constellation of Libra (The Scales).   This week is a great time to view both planets in the evening sky.

Venus/Jupiter conjunction 8-18-2014

You had to get up well before sunrise to see the beautiful Venus/Jupiter conjunction this morning, but it was worth it. The planets were separated by less than the diameter of the Moon and blazed like a pair of binary stars in the pre-dawn sky.  This picture, taken with a standard tripod-mounted digital camera, shows […]

Observing summary June 2014

Space.com has a very nice summary of June’s astronomical events: June 3, 2:08–3:44 p.m. EDT Triple shadow transit on Jupiter June 10, dusk. The Moon will pass just south of the planet Saturn. June 21, 6:51 a.m. EDT Solstice June 24, dawn, The slender crescent moon will pass just below the planet Venus. Jun 27, New […]