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Friday night, April 12th, 2019

This Friday night, April 12th, is the First Quarter Friday of April. We will be at Tech Terrace Park if the weather’s okay, but to be honest, the forecast is presently calling for rain. If the skies are overcast, we will not meet at Tech Terrace Park. But if they’re overcast, there are two other […]

Observation Report — Sunday night, 03-24-2019

Location: TTU Gott Observatory Attendees & optics: Darien Perla 8” SCT imaging system Darien’s friend Tom Heisey Big binoculars Mark Smith 10” F/5.6 dobsonian Richard Craig Mak 102 Wade Estepp binoculars Gary Leiker Celestron Edge 8 SCT Scott Harris NexStar 8SE Steve Maas binoculars Your Humble Narrator WO 110mm ED with EQ-3 alt-az mount I […]

Observation Report — Saturday night, February 23rd, 2019

Steve Maas 5″ Maksutov Scott Harris Zhumell 8″ dob Gary Leiker Orion 12” dobsonian Humble Narrator SkyWatcher 6” dobsonian I arrived about 21:15, with the “Guthrie boys” already observing. I was much more prepared for the cold weather this evening than last time I’d come out. Last time I somehow forgot my deep respect of […]

Observation Report — Sunday, 07-15-2017

Observation Report Sunday night, July 15th, 2017 Mark Smith with 10” F/5.56 Newtonian Richard Craig with 102 Maksutov Steve Maas, binoculars Your Humble Narrator, GSO 8” Dob We dodged clouds, principally in the south, all night. We caught the gibbous Venus & beautiful Crescent Moon early, but quickly turned our attention to Jupiter. Io created […]

Observation Report, 06-22-2018

Observation Report, Friday, June 22nd, 2018 Tech Terrace Park Richard Craig, 102mm Maksutov Mark Smith, 10″ F/5.56 dobsonian Ray Smead, himself Your humble narrator, SkyWatcher 6″ traditional dobsonian Steve Maas, Binoculars I arrived quite late for this public star party, probably around 10:15 or so, and wasn’t setup to observe until no earlier than 10:30. […]

Observation Report, 05-25-2018, Tech Terrace Park

Who showed up? Steve Maas 10×50 binoculars Richard Craig 102mm Maksutov Me Zhumell 8” dob Tom Heisey TV 101 Nagler-Petzval Gary Leiker 12” Orion Intelliscope Mark Smith self Scott Harris & Lesley Chapa, selves My hoped for big turnout for the end-of-school fizzled without a student, and we put on a public star party for […]

Observation Report, Camp Rio Blanco, 14-April-2018

Participants Girls Scouts of South Plains and greater Crosbyton area Richard Craig Celestron 150 XLT (6″ F/5 reflector) Gary Leiker 12″ Meade SCT Scott Harris & Lesley C8 Mark Smith 10″ F/5.5 Humble Narrator GSO 8″ dobsonian The last astronomer from Lubbock to arrive, I pulled into Camp Rio Blanco at about 10:20, and aligned […]

Observation Report, 17-Mar-2018

Location: Gott Observatory Participants: Gary Leiker with his Orion 12” Intelliscope Dobsonian Scott Harris and his 8” Celestron NexStar 8SE Richard Craig and the Orion 102 Maksutov Mark Smith Your humble narrator with his Kunming 102mm F/7 refractor and SkyWatcher 130 F/5 reflector on the GSO SkyView Delux alt-az mount with AstroTech Voyager Extension tube […]

Observation Report, 10-Dec-2017

Gary Leiker 4.5″ Orion Starblast Darien Perla C8 fork mount Your humble narrator 4″ F/7 ED Chinese refractor Mark Smith 10″ F/5.58 dob I arrived later than I’d have liked, but it can be difficult to make my wife appreciate astronomy anything like shopping at Lowe’s, but home improvement is a good thing, too. I […]

Observation report, 22-Oct-2017

Darien Perla 8” SCT Steve Maas Dmitri & Katia Paniukov 130mm F/5 reflector Charles Beaudoin 8” XTi Jerry Hatfield 10” XTi Ruben Saldana imaging with C150XLT Your Humble Narrator 8” Zhumell dob Although I’d hoped to arrive right at dusk, 7:30, having already packed my scope into the car by 7 PM, I managed to […]