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Observation Report, 10-Dec-2017

Gary Leiker 4.5″ Orion Starblast Darien Perla C8 fork mount Your humble narrator 4″ F/7 ED Chinese refractor Mark Smith 10″ F/5.58 dob I arrived later than I’d have liked, but it can be difficult to make my wife appreciate astronomy anything like shopping at Lowe’s, but home improvement is a good thing, too. I […]

Observation report, 22-Oct-2017

Darien Perla 8” SCT Steve Maas Dmitri & Katia Paniukov 130mm F/5 reflector Charles Beaudoin 8” XTi Jerry Hatfield 10” XTi Ruben Saldana imaging with C150XLT Your Humble Narrator 8” Zhumell dob Although I’d hoped to arrive right at dusk, 7:30, having already packed my scope into the car by 7 PM, I managed to […]

Observing from Emma, 29-oct-2016

Observation Report – Emma Cemetery, 29 Oct 2016 Jerry Hatfield, birthday boy, Orion XT 10i, ES 16mm 100* and 30mm 82* eyepieces, amongst others Gary Leiker, 8” Celestron HD on AVX mount Scott Harris with Leslie, Orion XX 14i Mark Smith 10” F/5.56 dob Your humble narrator, 8” SkyWatcher dobsonian, 28mm Explore Scientific 68* Our […]

Celestron C5 for sale in Lubbock

A local astronomer is selling his Celestron C5 and accessories on http://lubbock.craigslist.org/art/5847403075.html. If you are interested, contact him through Craigslist.

Tech Terrace on a Monday night, 10-10-2016

Gary Leiker called me on Monday night, October 10th, 2016, to go out to Tech Terrace Park. There was a big gibbous moon in the sky, but we were both ready for some astronomy. I didn’t arrive until about 9:30, but went straightway to setting up and was aligning my finders (red dot and 50mm […]

Observation Report 16-Sept-2016

This past Friday night was the 3rd Friday of the month, and supposed to be our Club’s public star party. The forecast was quite discouraging, and I was feeling a little tired, the week’s end and with the kids while my wife was at a Conference out of town. But I got the Orion SkyView […]

Dark Sky Map

Thanks to Steve Maas for producing this dark sky map of the USA, as promised from the September 2016 monthly meeting atlas_of-sky_brightness_2016

Observation Report Saturday, 27-Aug-2016

Scopes: Gary Leiker’s 20” dob Scott Harris’ aide in setup/teardown of the above Your humble narrator’s 4” F/7 ED refractor & AZ-4 mount Other attendees: Steve Maas, Val Jordan, Emma Jordan & Heather Hedge, Islam & his wife, & Lesley, Scott’s girlfriend Despite my best plans, I arrived late anyway, for a very time sensitive […]

Gott Observation Report, 03-July-2016

I arrived at the Gott late, having finished watching the tear-jerker “Angel in the House” with my wife and young daughters. Gary Leiker was already set up and showed us the GRS just before it rolled off the globe. Mark Smith was setting up his 10” F/5.56 dob, and I brought my 8” SkyWatcher dob, […]

24 June 2016, TTU Gott Observatory observation report

Observers: Scott Harris – Celestron NexStar 8 Gary Leiker – Edge C8 on AVX Collin Smith – 4” ED F/7 refractor When I arrived a few minutes before 10 PM, Gary and Scott were getting finalized on setup, with Scott about finished. I jumped into action. The wind was quite strong, stronger than I’d liked, […]