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Tech Terrace Park, 17-June-2016

Telescopes: 8” Celestron SCT       Gary Leiker 10” F/5.56 dob          Mark Smith 4” F/7 ED doublet    Collin Smith   I arrived at 9:45 PM, which was a little later than I’d written for the invitation (9:15-9:30), but still early enough to encounter a good deal of twilight and still […]

April Fools + 1 + Muleshoe WF

Muleshoe Wildlife Refuge, Paul’s Lake Observation Site April 2nd-3rd, 2016 Gary Leiker & Scott Harris hauled via rented U-Haul, assembled and setup Gary’s custom tracking 30″ dobsonian Scott Harris — 5″ ES triplet on Explore Scientific Heavy Duty Twilight II Mount Mark Smith — old Club 10″ F/6-ish dobsonian Your humble narrator — Celestron 102GT […]

2015 SPS Fall Star Party

Sat Oct 17, 2015 5 day old moon Society of Physics Students Fall outing I arrived at the Gott late, around 8 PM.  My wife fixed us a huge late lunch, around 3 PM, and I wasn’t even slightly hungry at 6 PM.  But I arrived with my Orion 102mm F/7 ED scope on my […]

October’s Presentation – Project Apollo Archive

Tonight is the October meeting of the club and I am presenting a few of the 10,000 images from the recently released Project Apollo Archive, . I would encourage you to take a look at the archive, which is a collection of unedited images taken during the Apollo missions. 2015-10 Project Apollo Archive

Facebook page

We have recently rolled out a Facebook page to keep the general public informed about events, post photos, etc. We will still keep this website active as a resource for club members, but the Facebook page will allow a wider audience to learn about public events because it will automatically be pushed to their wall […]

An Evening With the Lady Who Discovered Pulsars

This is a different sort of observing report than what I usually post… This evening at the college where I work, Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell gave a free lecture about how she discovered pulsars in the 1960s. It was a great talk about how she was doing her PhD thesis and had to build her […]

Sunday night, January 11, 2015 Emma

I arrived late, about 7:15, and too late to catch Mercury and Venus, now setting low in the west, but Maurice Clark, Scott Harris and Gary Leiker had seen them, and Mark Smith may have arrived early enough to catch them, too. Dr. Clark had his Jaegers 5” short tube achromat, an almost 50 year […]

Seeing spots

Last night’s late-forming clouds and wind may have stopped SPAC from having a good time at Gott last night, but you can never keep a good astronomer down.  Sometimes we get so caught up in looking for dark, starry nights, we forget all about the closest star to Earth — the Sun.  Right now, we are […]

Gott Astronomy? Saturday night, 30-Aug-201​4

Keeping with tradition, I arrived late at the Gott Observatory Saturday night, about an hour after sunset, around 9:20 or so.  Everyone was already set up with their scopes observing.  Gary and Scott had Gary’s 12″ solid tube Orion dob.  I recalled looking thru Gary’s Meade 5000 30mm UWA and 18mm Meade HD eyepieces.  Jerry Hatfield […]

Longest day of the year is Saturday!

  “The sun will reach its northernmost point in the sky — known as the summer solstice — Saturday. Earth’s closest star will seem to pause briefly before beginning its move southward again. In the Northern Hemisphere, this marks the longest day of the year. Because of Earth’s tilt of 23.4 degrees to its orbit, […]