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How To Articles

Here are a few articles by our members to help you with astronomy!

  • Comet C/2023 P1 (Nishimura) This Week
    The Comet Nishimura survived its close encounter with the Sun and is now in our…
  • Fix The Non-Working Keys in Your Controller
    If your telescope controller has buttons that are difficult to operate, this is the procedure to clean the connections and restore normal operation.
  • Messier Marathons
    Every spring, amateur astronomers gather to hunt down the 110 items in Charles Messier’s catalog all in one night. This star-hop challenge is a fun social time for us to test our navigation skills. This article provides some basic info on the marathon, advice to make your adventure fun, and a bunch of links to help you succeed.
  • So You Want To Buy A Telescope
    Picking a telescope is much like picking a vehicle.  There are many options available and…