South Plains Astronomy Club

Observing Under The Dark West Texas Skies


Club members at a star party

The South Plains Astronomy club has a strong outreach program and we enjoy sharing our love of the sky with the public. We offer presentations and star parties to schools, civic clubs, public events, and church groups. Our programs include science, mythology, history, and more. We can tune them for various age groups or a general audience.

GEAR Feb 15, 2014
The students attending GEAR (Getting Excited About Robotics) Feb 15, 2014 kickoff for the theme Mars Rovers, Tom Heisey presenting with Astronaut Albert Sacco

Our star parties include views of the heavens through member-owned telescope, binoculars, and your own eyes. Feel free to ask our members questions about the objects. Many of us have many years of experience observing the sky and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge.

Club members at a star party
Club members at a star party

Club members have hosted a number of large viewing parties for significant sky events like solar eclipses, the transit of Venus, lunar eclipses, and close approaches of planets.

Solar Eclipse May 21, 2012
Solar Eclipse May 21, 2012 at Lubbock Lake Landmark

Of course, we hope we gain members through our efforts, but there’s no pressure to join. We love to talk about the sky and share our passions with others!

Telescope Seminar
Telescope Seminar