South Plains Astronomy Club

Observing Under The Dark West Texas Skies

Andrew L Johnson started the Free Mag 7 Star Atlas Project on his personal web site, but it proved too popular, and it needed a more robust server. It is now hosted on Cloudy Nights, one of the most popular astronomy communities on the web. This star atlas is a fine start for beginners and experienced astronomers alike. Magnitude 6.5 is generally considered the average naked eye limit in a dark site, so these maps will roughly match the skies.

Mag 7 Star Atlas Project by Andrew L Johnson

As I started building the observer’s field book, I realized that these maps would really help anyone who needs to avoid electronic aids for Astronomy League Observer Programs, which will be central to the field book. Since the project has a Creative Commons License, we can host the maps on our servers and even make derivative projects from it.

If you need a star atlas, this is a pretty good starting point! Go to the Mag 7 Star Atlas page to download.