South Plains Astronomy Club

Observing Under The Dark West Texas Skies

Join us this Friday from 6pm to 9pm during First Friday Art Trail near the Louise Hopkins Underwood Art Center. We will have telescopes designed to view the sun, plus video systems showing the same views. Fortunately, the sun is very active right now so there is much to view!

Solar surface on July 7, 2023
The sun is active today with lots of sunspots, active regions, and filaments.
H-Alpha photo by Tom Heisey

Our star party is open to the public. We are family friendly and love to answer your questions! Come out and view the skies through our telescopes!

Please visit our star party etiquette page for tips on conduct under the stars. We want everyone to have a safe and fun time!

*High winds, clouds, rain/snow, and haze interfere with viewing and can cause cancellation.

For more info, please see our Facebook Event.

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